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State of Domestic Violence & Child Abuse in Professional Sports

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Recently we have seen several acts of domestic violence in sports. The NFL has been at the forefront of it all with three Pro Bowler Caliber players in the spot light. Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and Ray Rice; are among the most recent today, but several high profile athletes in all sports, have been alleged suspects of these terrible crimes. With their issues coming to a close, what have we truly learned and received as the take home message? Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are issues that are beyond the barriers of sports, and more of a daily society issue among us here in the Untied States. Everyday young athletes see their idols wrapped up in drama that keeps them from performing and enhancing their craft to be a true example to those young ones that want to be just like them. The only real hope we all have is that no matter how many commercials are broadcast, after the fact, to prevent domestic violence and child abuse; is that we all take it to the depths of our souls and actually place ourselves in that situation to were the sensation is so strong it makes us sick to even think about. Their is absolutely no place for this ANYWHERE in our society; let alone, the one true happiness well all share: Sports.

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