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HS Wrestler with “Mat Herpes” Preventable with GTech?

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Blake Flovin, a high school wrestler, announced that he contracted “mat herpes” while wrestling at a tournament in San Jose, but he is not the first wrestler or athlete to catch a contagious disease playing sports.

But what is being done about it?

According to the article in San Jose Mercury News, the Central Coast Section Commissioner Duane Morgan is aware of some of the problems trying to prevent the spread of the contagious diseases even though, “we’re doing what we need to be doing to protect the kids and the tournament.”

Morgan acknowledged, however, “that not all safeguards were in place at the CCS tournament at Independence High School in San Jose last month, when Blake believes he contracted the virus.”

In the end, Commissioner Morgan and other officials can do more to safeguard athletes.


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