Electrifying A World: How The 2014 FIFA World Cup Has Grabbed The Attention Of All

June 23rd, 2014










In years past, The FIFA World Cup was always looked at as a global experience for all. This year, that understanding has uprisen to a whole new level for all around the world. Sponsors, vendors, television networks, investors; are all projecting this year event in Rio De Janeiro, to be the highest grossed World Cup on record. With fans and spectators on the edge of the seats are work and gymnasiums, restaurants packing out every evening, block parties across the globe in varies countries and cities; brings the question is this all just hype or something that can be sustain for the coming future.

The host country Brazil kicked of the games with a exciting victory over Croatia, as Neymar put on a stunning performance with 2 goals to lead the way. Not to be out done, the mixtures of “groups”, has brought on the most suspense of the tournament. The proclaimed “Group of Death”, with powerhouses Portugal and Ghana; along with hopefuls, Team USA and Germany, has also brought on the most air wave attention in years. With Team USA in recent years losing to Ghana and Portugal, the boys in red, white, and blue have managed to place themselves in a position to head to the knockout rounds with a win over Ghana and a heartbreaking tie with Portugal; along with an entire nation chanting “I Believe That We Will Win, I Believe That We Will Win!” Regardless, the World Cup has brought out the best in everyone, showing celebrates twitting how amazing the experience has been for everyone involved and that they hope it continues for all. At the end of the day, you can only project that this event will continue to rise each go around.

Combination of reasons and scenarios as to why this year World Cup has become such an extravaganza, could all be drawn from the events at the half way point; but then you would be starting all over once the games conclude in late July because as the match ups change each day, the suspense grows more and more. What fans want to see, is that the experience continues over time and within their own countries. International experience of futbol will always be the grandest of them all; as in Untied States, with American Football, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball, it’s difficult for soccer to carry any substance. Still, this sport has become reborn through this year FIFA World Cup, and with an overwhelming response, it is truly a grand event to be apart of!

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