Push The Pace: What Drives A Competitor To Be Great

May 6th, 2014








When it comes to competitors, they all surface from different walks of life. Some of us are born in poverty and hard times; while others are for the most part, fortunate to never see dark days until they reach the pinnacle of their career. That’s where this year 2014 Kia NBA MVP Kevin Durant comes into play, along with many others before him. Players like Durant in all sports, went through many difficult challenges in order to be the greatest at what they love to do.

The question these superstars are always asked is: “What drives you do be great?” No matter where athletes are breed and born, they are all asked the same thing. Quite frankly, what does drive a competitor? It could originate from a number of things: money and frame, a certain type of status, wanting that feeling of “I have arrived”, or just that you want out of where your life could potentially be heading. Nevertheless, their are a number of things that drive a competitor to want to compete among the best-of-the-best.

Accepting this role and title of MVP, proves that you are willing to sacrifice any and everything to be the King/Queen of the mountain in your sport. But should you stop their or should you continue the pursuit for more? That all depends on the fire that burns inside you to want to not just rest on receiving one form of acknowledgement for the determination you put in to be the greatest at what you do. As we continue moving throughout time, we will find out more and more what drives a competitor to be the best at what they do. In the meantime, I saw we sit back, relax, and just enjoy the show that these elite professional and future up and comers, continue to put on. Regardless of what is driving them, it is truly worth the price of admission, and it will forever be something to remain a mystery to the secret ingredient added to their pursuit to Push The Pace!

Joshua Horton
GTech Sport Media/Promotions/Athletic Performance Director

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