I used Gtech Spray on a personal project of mine and it removed the mold and mildew immediately, I was amazed. I was so amazed that I am currently using Gtech Spray to fog my locker rooms, Spray my helmets and shoulder Pads. As a Thirty year equipment manager from the pros to USC, I have never experienced a product so effective doing everything it claims! We use the spray in our gear and equipment getting rid of those nasty odors and refreshing them after each use. In the locker, training, and meeting rooms, we use it once a week to protect athletes and staff from outbreaks such as Staph, MRSA, ring worm, and athletes' foot. Protecting our athletes is our number one priority but saving money and reducing the number of products used is an added benefit! I want to personally thank Isiah Robertson & Lisa Chang for introducing this product into USC.
-Todd Hewitt, Director of Equipment Operations, USC Trojans
Thank you Isiah for introducing me to GTech Sport. I have never experienced such amazing products that are all in one-disinfecting, cleaning, and getting rid of nasty odors as well as eliminating tough stains. Best of all it is Skin Friendly & EPA approved. GTech Products will help us eliminate staph, MRSA, ringworm, and e-coli to name a few. We clean our locker room, weight room, shower and equipment with Gtech. Health and safety is our top priority for our athletes and staff and GTech Product is our insurance to keep our team in the game! I highly recommend GTech Sport.
-Josh Hewitt- Athletic Equipment Operations at California State University, Fresno
It was an honor & a pleasure to meet Isiah Robertson, one of the greatest outside line backers that ever played the game. He was knowledgeable & informative. He asked me to try his favorite product to see what I thought. I tried it and I liked it and I bought it. I am very pleased with GTech. I recommend it to other equipment managers. Try it, you’ll like it, and I guarantee it!
-Isadore Gold-Head Equipment Manager California State University, North Ridge
After Twenty-Eight years as an Equipment Manager, I am amazed after using the GTech products. I am 100% satisfied with how the product has performed. I used the GTech Spray on my helmets, shoulder pads & fogging my locker room. Every visiting Team this year has complimented me and stated “How do I get my locker room to Smell that great?” My reply is simple. Call Isiah Robertson! GTech Detergent is just down-right outstanding! It has removed the stains & dirt like I have never seen before. Being EPA approved sealed the deal…
-Derek Price Director of Equipment & Facilities Southern University