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When you enter an airplane or a bus, do you think about all the surfaces you touch? When you stay in a hotel, do you consider the thousands of people who stayed in this room before you and how well was it cleaned?

From airports, cabs, buses, public transportation to accommodations you could catch anything, from anywhere. The spread of harmful germs and bacteria is common in these spaces. Imagine traveling without the fear of these invisible germs: a sterilized airplane seat and disinfected cruise suite and no fear of unknown bacteria.

You can wipe down any surface around you, sanitizing any surface where you travel.

Some Common Travel Uses

Seats, Armrests and Trays

airplane iconFrom the empty water bottle in the seat pocket to the coffee stains splattered on the armrest, bad germs and smells fester where you travel. The spread of harmful germs and bacteria are common in these confined spaces. With a few sprays or a wipe of GTech Clean on the seat and surfaces, you can make your airplane or bus seat germ-free and smell good. Wait for the moisture to dry, and you'll be protected for your entire trip.

Taxis and Rideshares

air filter iconPublic transportation is a breeding groud for germs. With a few sprays or a wipe of GTech Sport on door handles, window controls, armrests and seats, you can make your taxi or ride share seat germ-free and smell good. Wait for the moisture to dry, and you will be protected for your entire trip.

Toilets, Showers, Bathtubs, Bathroom Floors and Counters

toilet iconWhether you need to use an airport shower or a bathroom in a bus, you can find germs anywhere. GTech Clean protects you from the mold, mildew and odors that creep into bathrooms. Use a wipe or a quick spray, and you will be protected from any germ!

Cruise Suite

cruise ship iconCruise suites may contain lots of fungi and germs from the humidity and past guests, and housekeeping may not kill all the germs and bacteria in your suite. Spray GTech on furniture, bedding, light switches, and bathroom surfaces to kill germs, eliminate odors, and bring a fresh feel to your suite. GTech is even great for eliminating pet and organic odors!

Your Hands

hand iconFor the simplest protection when you travel, Gtech Clean protects your hands, too!

Light Switches, Doorknobs and Remotes

phone icon We rarely think to clean telephones and light switches, but these high contact areas can pass germs very quickly between employees or customers. Eliminate bacteria from high-touch areas like doorknobs, counters, and anything else with a simple spray—and wait for the moisture to dry for complete protection that lasts up to 15 days.
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